September 20, 2019

Ep. 33: Pt. 1 - The Perfect Oral Motor Storm: What Happened, Why, and Supportive Evidence for Oral Sensory-Motor Therapy

In this 5-hour podcourse, Char chronicles a comprehensive account of the events of the past two decades that have infused and inspired one of the most controversial—and misunderstood--storms in the history of speech-language pathology.

Perhaps you’re not sure why “oral motor” has been criticized, or how to respond when someone mentions it. You’ll learn what to say, and how to back it up.  Char covers the “Five Waves” as to what has specifically happened, who did what, and where we go from here.

Most importantly you’ll learn Supportive Evidence for the Use of Oral Sensory-Motor Methods to Remediate Speech Sound Productions.

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